explosive implosions

Implosion and explosion are possible within the same matter simultaneously. You explode with certain actions, gestures, and words to contradict your true feelings, to conceive them. Yet same time, you implode because of all the actions you haven’t taken, all the gestures you waited over and all the words you(…)

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Trust Fall

When taking risks, trust fall is far more rewarding than taking a leap of faith, more pleasurable. When we jump forward, we can see when Life is showing us the middle finger even before we hit the ground. When we fall bakwards, there is nothing but blue skies above us. That(…)

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being younger was a pressure of being a man’s answer

and filling a knowledge gap with sex.

being older is understanding that a man should be

his own answer and i can only enjoy listening to it

in between sex.


it doesn’t matter who leaves your life.

it matters who stays.

it matter that you stay for yourself.