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Tuesday, 17 May 2011
Marble 1

If you like stories about princesses, dragons and everlasting love then let me tell you a fairy tale. It is a sad story, filled with dangerous events and it doesn’t have a happy ending yet. Nonetheless enjoy it.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away from here there was a princess. She was a very curious and a stubborn little child so when she felt a desire to know what the world is like, she decided to leave the castle and see the world with her big, green like spring, eyes. She needed to know much more than what she heard from the stories the queen and the king were telling her. When the day of the adventure came, they were so busy they didn’t even notice, until it was too late, that the little princess left the castle.

She walked and walked and walked. She saw the most beautiful and the ugliest things in this world. Whenever she got tired and felt like going back home, she couldn’t find her way back. The path was equally hazy behind her and in front of her. She didn’t know whether if she turns around the path will still lead her to the castle. Maybe the castle wasn’t even there anymore…So she kept going forward. She was travelling for a long time. She saw enough of that world she was so curious about.

One day when she was tired again she stopped in the woods to have some rest. She needed to find more strength for the rest of the journey. It wasn’t her body that needed to continue. It was her heart… So she thought of some of her bigger adventures that met her in life. She counted all the dragons she had to fight and how many she defeated.

When she was a just a little baby she met the first dragon. Its name was Death. She wasn’t older than few hours but somehow she won her life. It made the king and the queen very happy. The whole kingdom was cheering for her survival as she was the kingdom’s little darling the minute she was born. Later in life, when she was a teenage princess, she met the second dragon. Its name was Devil. The fight for her soul lasted few years – few years of bad influences, of listening the king and the queen were constantly arguing, of trying to understand adults’ strange love, of trying to forget she was ill and the pain she was falling asleep in so many nights, of watching other ill princesses and princes being unhappy and in pain too in hospitals, of wanting to do so many things she wasn’t ble to.  It all made her doubt in who she was, in her good heart. For some time she forgot how to care for others’ feelings despite feeling guilty about it. The dragon was amazingly strong and she was wounded few times during the battle. She kept improving her technique despite the wounds and she was more and more skilled in the battle. The dragon must have given up his hopes of winning because one day the princess woke up and the dragon wasn’t there anymore. She won her friendly and loving soul. But by then she stopped believing that there is life without dragons and she didn’t know how to smile anymore to herself.

And then she met a prince. He was riding a beautiful horse, he was wearing the shiniest robes she ever saw in her life and he was speaking like a true prince, too. He told her she is the princess he always loved since the day he was born, even before they met, since always, and that there is a beautiful adventure ahead of them. He told her a story how they would have children, grow older together and smile every day. Sweet dreams she wasn’t even sure were hers at that time… But his voice was magically enchanting so she grabbed his hand, jumped on the horse and they rode together since that day. She won with the dragon named Discouragement. She won hope.

At the very beginning the prince was charming and loving but the longer they rode the fewer flowers he was picking for her from the fields whenever they stopped to rest. Soon she noticed that the prince didn’t even help her to climb back on the horse anymore and he wouldn’t even notice if she was falling off it during the journey. His voice was less melodic every day and he started telling her different stories about different dreams in which there was hardly any room for her. The prince also started befriending some dangerous people on the way and whenever they stopped for the night to have restful sleep he would leave the princess alone in the forest. He kept telling her it was for her own sake and despite the fact she told him it was quite contrary from what she experienced previous nights, he kept leaving her among wolves and witches and he himself participated in strange duels in towns nearby. Her beauty was fading away and she was more and more unhappy. The nights when she was left alone she couldn’t sleep because she had to watch out for the wolves not to harm her.

One day it was too much for her innocent and pure loving heart… too much of unhappiness, lies, manipulation and feeling endangered and lonely for the princess and she decided to eat some berries she found in the forest. Her reason was cloudy… She remembered hearing once that she should never attempt to eat too many of them, because they had magical powers and they could make her vanish. She thought for a moment of the castle and the loved ones she left behind but she couldn’t think clearly out of the misery. To have sufficient amount she had to visit all the local potion makers to get enough of them as they’re not allowed to give anyone too many during one visit. She wanted to sleep and stop feeling this excruciating pain in her soul. Sleep and not to feel how unhappy she was and how trapped and tied up she felt despite being a traveller in her heart. She started feeling she was fading away, vanishing more and more every minute. Coincidentally the prince came back from the duel and found her lying on the grass, looking nearly transparent. He kept calling her name asking her to wake up. She must have eaten not enough berries because she opened her eyes and started becoming more and more visible. As soon as the prince was able to touch her again, he left her alone in a rush. She was weak and in pain and there was no one in the forest to help her. Not a living soul. She thought that she made the prince angry by eating the berries and that’s why he wasn’t there to care for her until she gets better. Little did she knew back then that he didn’t ask anyone to ease her agony and make her better so that no one wold be witnessing it… or maybe he wanted her to die…  When she got better after couple of days she promised herself never to eat Berries of Despair ever again. Ever. No matter how cloudy it gets again one day. She will never get weak again. She will never give up again.

For few follwing days the prince and the princess continued the journey together. One afternoon they stopped no so far away from what meant to be their future kingdom. They got off the horse to drink some water from the spring. As they were drinking, the prince turned around rapidly and she saw his face. The prince wasn’t a prince at all. His face was a dragon’s head. His name was Deception. He was using a magical potion all along to make itself look like a prince and a human but Berries of Despair must have made the princess completely aware of the magic he was using. Her mind was too strong now to give into this dark magic.  The princess was not only terrified but she felt betrayed. She didn’t think twice and started running as fast as she could despite not knowing what awaited her and despite not having anything to get by with. She run and run until she couldn’t see the dragon, or the forest, anymore. She didn’t kill the dragon, but she was happy enough to be far, far away from it and she felt happy knowing the dragon had no potion left and nowhere to get it from to put in danger any other princess he meets on his way.

Despite not killing the last dragon, she won the battle anyway. She won freedom of her heart and every night she falls asleep having beautiful dreams about the real prince looking for her, ready to love and be loved. If your path ever crosses with hers, you will see that she is travelling on her own. If you ask her the princess will tell you she knows she is on the right path. And the love she managed to hide deep inside of her heart? Well, it is still as white as snow and pure like a diamond, but she protects it with a spell she learnt on the way. It makes her radiant heart unreachable to any dragons.

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