life changing Make Me Unbreakable

.. so that is the wonderful programme i signed up for. A studio for ladies only. It’s not just fitness. I’ve been getting in shape and having amazing results for 5 months now. I’m losing weight but as a part of a personalised mind coaching, creating new healthy habits, meditation, socialising, delicious healthy diet that is saving me money actually by being structured and I do really get to eat what I want. Other fitness regimes or places I experienced are typically concentrated on one, max two aspects. This is a whole full-on experience for mind, body and soul and there is nothing like it around Leicester, UK.

As per my own online testimony after 3 months into the programme (and I don’t intend to stop):

“Joining MMU you can have the confidence of getting the results you want. what ends is frustrations, unhappiness, feeling you don’t fit in, feeling you fail yourself if you aren’t perfect every day and you need to improve your pace, feeling you fail others if you care for yourself, low self- esteem, unhealthy eating habits, unhealthy mind habits, worn-out complexion, low energy levels.. and possibly other stuff other people ends cos we’re all different.. and this programme caters individually to your needs yet you get to do it in the lovely company of other people with similar mind frame. you get to be trained by lovely people who care about getting you where you want to be, who genuinely wish you well and it extends to spending social time together outside of the gym. joining a programme is the end of the neverending loop of ‘start-bored-clueless-stop’ workout and wellness routine a lot of us knew too well before. best investment I gave myself as a present.”

After nearly 5 months, I would also add that my decision-making is sharper, so is life focus, confidence and even food allergies have been disappearing.

Run and led by one of the most down-to-earth with real life experience and approach Coach I know.

studio’s website here

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