Socialising nowadays means mostly spending time looking at people’s digital profiles, rather than looking at their actual faces. It’s as if there was any real knowledge of how someone is doing or who they truly are in their carefully and deliberately filtered photos and their effortless reposts of other people’s wise words, instead of finding this true knowledge in their own words and expressions in their eyes.

Too many people miss this simple fact: the truth lies in the real world. This is where true emotions can be found; where true passion about someone’s ideas and dreams can be heard and where their story has a tangible dimension you can actually feel and touch. This is where you meet people and where you learn them. This is where you find out what dessert in a coffee place makes them exclaim ‘wow’ amusingly a tat too loud. You can learn all this only in themselves, living and breathing, standing in front of you.. in the gap between your words and theirs; in the gap between your face and theirs; in the sound of their laughter mixed with yours…

You won’t learn all this from a set of binary, lifeless, machine generated code carefully adjusted for a public, self-marketing and entertaining, attention-seeking display, a show… It is only a waste of time that will never ‘refresh’, ‘reload’ or ‘upload’ again once it passed; a waste of beautiful opportunities and memories that could have been if we only had let them; ¬†a waste of a connection; a waste of reality.. a waste of beautiful irreplaceable reality.

What you gift yourself with is only a mere assumption, a wild guess and only more questions in place of answers in someone’s real voice. You let yourself be just one of their thousand online ‘friends’, rather than gifting yourself with a chance of becoming that twentieth¬†insider who knows real them, with their hopes and fears; someone who knows what they need to hear when they cry or what makes you speak to each other without a single word being said.


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