impact book: “the chimp paradox”

“..the mind management programme for confidence, success and happiness” by Dr Steve Peters.

I was sceptical when it came to self-help literature, even more so being a stubborn and independent specimen of a human being that knows everything best.. until I came across this book. And as with every ‘first’ experience, it encouraged me read more of them. Witty, full of common sense and down-to-earth exercises to make you think and break some habits.

My advice is be selective as not every book will benefit you. Like me and this book when I decided to buy it and start fixing Me, you can read the first page or two of the book still in the bookshop (or download a sample when shopping via amazon) to get the feel of it. In the end, like with a face-to-face coaching, it is rather important you understand the message (meaning most likely the book is addressing your needs at the time) and you like the manner of the advice and instructions so that the message sinks in more efficiently and you feel motivated to implement them.


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